How a Social Media Marketing Consultant Can Change the Face of Your Accountancy Practice?

Social Media (SM) in Our Life

This media has slowly and gradually merged into our day-to-day lives without us being even aware of it. The only thing is that many of us take it all for granted and as a part of our daily routine. Quite naturally, business owners and strategists would want a share of this “socializing pie” to promote themselves and their products and services, and hence market their brand. This is the invasion of SM marketing in our online life and interestingly, no one is complaining! That explains the phenomenal growth of the aforesaid importance of this form of marketing today.

Social Media (SM) Marketing Consultant

Internet businesses are witnessing a growth which was never predicted or even anticipated. Obviously, the amount of work to be done has shot up over the time and it continues to tower above. As a result of this growth, the role and importance of a SM Marketing Consultant has been realised.

In other words, the consultant is a person or even a group of individuals who specialise in SM marketing and will go all out to serve their client. Understandably, your work gets reduced and you can then concentrate on growing your business – rather than getting yourself occupied with SM marketing.

True, you have to be knowledgeable about SM to survive the competition in the market, but you cannot afford to while away your time learning the intricacies of social media marketing unless of course, your work is the same!

Having a SM Marketing Consultant is like having an invisible helping hand that becomes you and maintains your online profile rather than you doing that.

To others, the business appears to be a multi-talented individual who can “play with them” as well as continue to do business! That is really a booster for your business.

For a small amount of money invested on using the SM Marketing Consultant’s services, the advantage gained is immense. And you can continue doing what YOU do best – running and growing your Accountancy.

The rising sales figures and cash registers ringing with profit are a clear indicator of the hiring a SM Marketing Consultant for your business. Instead of letting narrowing time consume you, take control of time in your hands and surge ahead in the social media marketing race.

Let the Social Media Marketing Consultant do the hard and time-consuming work, while you sit back and reap the profits of your investment!

Managing Change in ERP Implementation: Hiring a Consultant

If you’ve been following this mini-series on ERP implementation, you’ll remember that I wrote some tips in my last post about how to approach the kickoff of your ERP implementation process. Not the launch or the pre-launch, but rather the time immediately after you decide that, yes, you want to bring in a new ERP to your company.

One of the things you should seriously consider is hiring a qualified ERP consultant. Implementing an ERP represents a massive change for all companies, and businesses – especially small and medium-sized businesses experiencing it for the first time – need all the professional, experienced assistance they can get.This isn’t simply a matter of installing a software program, after all, but changing your entire way of doing business.

Finding the right person who will shepherd you and your staff to success on your go-live date is a delicate and absolutely critical part of the process. You want to do it right the first time because, when it comes to your hard-earned work growing your business to where it is now, failure is not an – well, you know the rest.

Who are they? Don’t be dazzled by the reputations of the firms you’re considering. Every consulting company, regardless of their dazzling press mentions, have their A-listers and their C-listers. Make sure that you vet a company’s team before you set them loose in your building so that you know that the folks who dazzled you with their presentations and PowerPoint and their expertise will actually be the same people consulting with you on a day-to-day basis. Check references and ask lots of questions. Your consultant(s) will be working very closely with your staff, guiding them through a major change that will ripple from the executive suite or owner’s office all the way to the guys on the field and on the shop floor. They need to have the personality and the communication skills such an important job requires.
What have they done? Have they ever worked in your industry? Have they ever worked with a business similar in size to yours? Can they share with you some of their successes and, most importantly, their failures? What have they learned from their previous mistakes that they can bring to your company so that you can avoid making them? How much experience do they have with the software program you’re about to implement?
What do they know? If all they can offer your company is their technical expertise in the particular ERP you’ve chosen, avoid them at all costs. Remember that ERP implementation isn’t about changing your software but rather about changing your business. Your consultants had better be well-versed and highly experienced not only in the technical aspects of the software but in change management and business restructuring as well. They’ll need to be part-IT consultant, part-HR consultant and part-project manager because they’ll be juggling both software and people, neither of which is ever predictable or easy to manage.
How will they do it? Ask them their processes and philosophy. Are they familiar with Deming management theory, Six Sigma, Kaizen, and/or other business and management philosophies? How would they work with your staff and vendors to implement the program most efficiently and smoothly, given their background and knowledge? Do they understand the different roles that will be affected by the program, e.g., sales, accounting, customer service, etc., and how they need to address each one?
Choosing and hiring a consultant to work with your firm is likely going to be a difficult, time-consuming process, but if you do it well, you can save yourself a small fortune and your company a lot of heartache in the end. Good consultants understand that technical training and IT expertise represent only a fraction of their value to their clients, and that being good change managers may prove to be their biggest role in any project.

Business Consultant – How Can A Business Consultant Be Of Help To Your Business?

A Business consultant can help benefit your business in a lot of ways. Their expertise involves working with small businesses, as well as, large corporations to help them identify and improve their efficiency. He will use his knowledge and experience to study the business’ operational model which the company is currently working on, helping it improvise its current business plan, use the current resources for the maximum benefit of the company, and help the company with its future growth.

There are different areas which can be modified and improved through the plans and practices suggested by a business consultant. These individuals are well versed in their specific field. Whether it is the financial department or the operation sector that is suffering, they can set up the chips right for you. He will work with the owner of the company to fully understand the business operations and resources to exactly get an idea of how things are working. All the functions that are operating in the company are thoroughly assessed in every aspect, including management and supervisory. Once this is done, the business consultant will then document each and everything to further analyze the facts. This analysis process makes it easier for the business consultant to precisely tell you where your company is lagging. This way, you will be able to improve that particular area based on the suggestions being provided by the professional. In other words, a business consultant is an experienced and educated third person who identifies the problems within your organization and provides you suggestions on how to utilize your corporation’s potential to its fullest.

Not only this, a business consultant is basically aware of the current market trends. Therefore, they are of great help in suggesting what changes the company should bring within its structure and operations to meet consumer demands. At times, they also communicate with your clients to understand their demands fully and to plan the projects accordingly. They may also provide information in written formats, public speaking, as well as hands-on training to the required individuals. Once they have the information, they provide you with a well documented all-inclusive report that can help you in implementing the suggested changes easily.

The Role Of A Debt Management Consultant

With the ever rising cost of living, many people are finding themselves sliding deeper into debt as their finances take a turn for the worse. There are those who are in these situations due to no fault of their own while others have not been able to handle finances and find themselves looking at growing debt. Whatever the reason for your debt you will need to engage the services of a debt management consultant.

Finances are a personal issue which most people prefer not to talk about with others. However if your credit score is going down and your debts are on an upward trend you should consider engaging a professional who will help you reorganize things for the better. A debt management consultant is an expert who has the knowledge and resources to help you deal with money issues. Staying in denial about your financial situation will actually make things worse and make your journey to recovery more difficult and longer.

Most people do not want their financial woes to be known and like all other professional consultants your debt management consultant will not be discussing your issue with others without explicit permission from you. You should therefore provide complete and correct information that will help your consultant understand your case and design a recovery financial planning tips for you. Hiding information will work against you since the plan designed will not factor those bits of information that you have kept to yourself. There is no reason to be embarrassed about financial mistakes, many have made poor financial decisions before and those who decided to work towards recovery are much better for it.

Your debt management consultant will also be instrumental in connecting you to other professionals and resources that will assist you as you work on improving your financial situation. They will help you design a reasonable budget as well as talk to your creditors about renegotiated interest and payment breaks. They will also be able to direct you to institutions that can provide you with refinancing at a reasonable rate. The consultant will also provide you with support and advice as you work on your finances. Most people will be emotionally distraught due to poor finances and having an independent and impartial person walking with them through this tough time is a big plus. It gives you confidence and a determination when you have someone who believes in you.

Advantages to Using an Image Consultant

An image consultant is defined as a person who assists another with improving and maintaining their image. This term is also quite often described as someone who aids another with information and tips regarding their personal appearance.

These people are available to hire all over the internet and in many local phone books, however unless via word of mouth, not a lot of people would ever really think to hire one! Many people believe that it is rather a shallow thing to work with an image consultant; however this is quite a common misconception and simply a matter of someone feeling the need to improve their image.

Many of the image consultants that advertise their businesses on the internet state that they will evaluate the positive and negative parts of your image and work with you to obtain more positives. This is most likely the main reason why an image consultant is one of the main people on the team of a politician or celebrity and other public figures. These people are always in need of “keeping up appearances” and therefore, someone in this profession can help them greatly with this.

There are of course a great many advantages to using an image consultant otherwise they would not be as widely used as they are. One of the main advantages of an image consultant for a public figure is that of damage control. For example, if something has happened recently that has changed the public’s perception of a person from a positive to a negative then an image consultant will work on the damage control and find the best way to regain the public’s liking. They will quite often do this by simply drawing their attention to something positive that the person in question has done or is currently doing.

Whilst the services of these people can be extremely helpful and worthwhile, they can also be rather expensive. With that in mind, it is always better to work with one of these people upon recommendation to ensure that they are going to do their job to the fullest of their capability for you as well. These people can charge anything they want to charge too so you can easily be looking to pay anything between £150 to over £800 just for a consultation or a personal shopper experience. Now you can see why it is extremely important to always check out any professional feedback that these people have and also how they have worked with others in the past.

Find a Qualified Boston IT Consultant

There was a time that Boston’s location was significant, and is in fact what has made it a major center of commerce for some three centuries. However, with the advent of the Internet Age, a major commerce center can be virtually anywhere on the globe. This means that Information Technology, or IT, is the most important component of a business operation. If you own and operate a business in the Boston metro area, it’s a could idea to look into what Boston IT consultants can do to improve your company’s IT capabilities.


When you call on a Boston IT consultant, the first thing s/he will do is perform an audit of your company’s IT infrastructure, targeting any weaknesses that could potentially compromise your systems and the data stored in them. At this point, you will want to explain some of your business’ short and long-term goals, IT budgeting and hardware and software needs. Your Boston IT consultant can help to point out ways in which your computer and data-storage systems could be streamlined and made faster as well as more economical.

The Right Stuff

Computer and data storage hardware becomes obsolete very quickly, and it seems as if software must be updated and upgraded constantly. The good news is that much of this ban be upgraded at relatively modest costs. Those who are not very tech savvy often wind up spending a great deal of computer equipment that is not really needed, and ultimately, does not serve the business purposes for which it was purchased. On of the jobs of the qualified Boston IT consultant is to assist you in making wise, effective and economical hardware and software choices so you wind up purchasing only that which you really need in order to run the business.


Because of the complexity of today’s IT systems, many business owners call upon IT consultants to help integrate these systems into the offices, support apparatus and employee workstations. This is not only to insure a smooth workflow and transfer of data, but also to insure that such an investment is being used properly by all parties concerned.


Hackers, spyware, viruses, data loss – these are all big concerns for any business owner or manager today. A Boston IT consultant can help to pinpoint any vulnerabilities and come up with the most effective solutions. These may include a firewall, anti-virus, password and encryption protection and more. Boston IT consultants know how to provide the maximum amount of protection for your data at the lowest cost for your business needs.

Call Today

Using the services of a qualified Boston IT [] can result in greater efficiency, lower costs and more effective security. Find out what one can do fo your IT needs today.

How To Sell a Script – Find a Script Consultant With Connections

Finding yourself a quality script consultant is an essential part of understanding how to sell a script. It can take time, but there are definitely a multitude of benefits to doing so, including potentially selling a screenplay. The one that is most apparent is that you are hoping that they will be able to recommend your script to one of their connections, preferably one who can actually get the thing green-lit and off to the races. But there’s an often-overlooked second category, and sometimes this fact is just as important:

Two script consultants, both of whom can be equally as connected in the industry, might give very, very different feedback on the same exact script.

This is an incredibly important thing to understand, as a consultant might mistakenly tell you to get rid of the very thing that makes your screenplay stand out, the one thing that makes it the most marketable in the first place. The important thing to remember here is that this is largely an art, not a science – the consultant will not always be right in terms of how to sell a script. In cases such as these, it is always advisable to go with your gut instinct, and there is no law against seeking a second opinion in situations like that as well. If the two opinions are divergent, then you will have to ultimately choose what you think is best for both yourself and in terms of selling a screenplay.

As far as choosing a script consultant goes, look at trying to find one that suits your specific needs – many consultants are specialists in one specific thing (character, marketability, etc.) The point is to find someone who works for you and can help you accomplish your specific goals, whether that be how to sell a script or something else related to screenwriting in general. One thing you should definitely do is thoroughly vet your potential script consultant. Here are a couple of questions that you should ask them before procuring their services:

Are they capable of focusing on your specific needs regarding your screenplay?

What exactly do you specialize in?

Are they available for discussions and clarifications regarding their notes and other general questions you may have?

What is their overall process, especially with respect to notes?

A good script consultant is not a proofreader or editor – their job is not to simply point out typos and grammar errors and make corrections accordingly. Their job is to help build your script up by adding insight that comes from years of experience in working in the industry that you do not have – after all, that’s what you’re paying them for, right?

The Role of a Business Intelligence Consultant

Business Intelligence has become a term that is branded about very often in business circles especially among business enterprises that are large and complex.

Business Intelligence or BI refers to the use of applications, processes, skills and technologies to make sound business decisions that affect the outcome of the business’ operations. Every business entity, big or small, can benefit from proper use of BI; merely having access to Business Intelligence cannot provide for a company’s growth, it has to be utilized in the proper manner.

To highlight this with an example, let’s assume there is Company A with many sales branches through the length and breadth of a country. The use of Business systems helps the company collate data such as costs, sales figures outputs, performance equations and ratios etc. However, without analyzing the data and breaking it up into modules such as understanding which branch office leads in the sale of which product, or which branch office is inadequately staffed or supported to handle large volume of sales etc. this whole concept of BI falls flat. With proper analysis and corrective measures, BI helps companies improve their efforts, build better targets and focus on future expansion and growth.

Significant improvements in BI software in the last few years have enabled even smaller companies put in place practices and systems that meet their specific industry based requirements. Business Intelligence has also grown to help companies measure other equally import and relevant aspects of their business operations such as Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory Control, Warehouse Management, Product Movement etc.

Just as every specialist skill requires the services of an expert, Business System needs the services of a consultant or expert who can advise the company on the way to adopt new strategies for the organization and analysis of data. A Business Intelligence Consultant is responsible for setting up new applications, improving existing systems, managing information and helping the company management to use the combination of business management and technology to boost sales, increase profits, reduce costs and enhance company efficiency.

Most Business Intelligence consultants are part of the professional team of large organizations; however, it is increasingly becoming an attractive career option for many freelance Business Intelligence professionals who contract their services to several companies. In such a scenario, a Business Intelligence consultant is not only an expert in setting up new systems but also identifying lagging areas in technology, human resource, accounts and operations that are affecting business operations of a company at fundamental level.

A Business consultant can design applications using software modules customized for individual requirements and run demos that show companies how setting up systems often makes data easier to manage. By doing so, a BI consultant helps improve the company’s ability in avoiding pitfalls, making smarter decisions and charting future plans. Improvement in core and critical areas such as accounting and financial programs, customer information, employee profiles and sales records are increasingly becoming a part of a Business Intelligence consultant’s profile.

Environmental Consultants Role In Modern Business

The kind of changes that need to be implemented in a manufacturing based business have altered in the last decade. A dramatic shift in focus towards greater efficiency, green technologies and a recycling ethic has given many managing directors across the UK plenty to think about. Changing a process is one thing, but the conception and evaluation elements are beyond a company director, and this is why Environmental Consultants are needed.

The kind of changes that an environment consultant will bring are varied, ranging from lean manufacturing techniques to reduce input against output through to carbon emissions and waste management. The waste management aspect is an area where many manufacturers fall down, having high levels of waste which isn’t treated in the right way. The government are offering big incentives in many formats to help reduce production waste, and a consultant will be aware of these.

With this type of service being a relatively new one when it comes to a business agenda, there are likely to be less firms offering a professional solution. Finding an environmental consultant in London for example is easy, as there are many choices available due to the high number of large organisations in the City. This shows that the population density of an area or county determines how many consultancies can service the region. In North Yorkshire there will be far less options, due to the fact most of the land in the area is not populated.

The best way to locate an environmental consultancy is through a directory, which will show the providers located closest to where you are. Many directories provide ratings and show the past projects, helping you to decide which one has the correct level of experience.

SEO Consulting

SEO consulting is a great alternative for those who may not feel completely confident about applying for an individual SEO service such as article writing or forum posting. SEO consulting can be a safer option that can give you a much better insight into what sort of actions you could take to promote your website best. SEO consulting will ensure that you are receiving SEO consulting from an SEO expert who has had experience in the field of SEO and knows the ins and outs. It in general is a much safer option in which you can learn much more from when it comes to website promotion.

There are some notable benefits from SEO consulting that you should definitely take on board when making a decision as to whether or not you want to see an SEO consultant. First of all if you were to see an SEO specialist, you would be able to speak to someone who has had experience in the field of search engine optimization. It will enable you to get a better insight into how you can best promote your website. If you are paying to talk with an SEO consultant, you will be talking with an expert who has years of experience of course and you can ask any questions you like to give you that competitive edge. After all, the goal is to promote your website and if you are receiving all the best tips from someone who has been successful and has years of experience to show you are likely to have a greater advantage over others.

Why you should consider SEO consulting If you were to go blindly into purchasing an SEO service you will have no guarantee that it will be successful in improving your current situation, on the most part it is pot luck and it is up to you to judge whether or not you are making the right decisions. Is it worth the risk to pay all that money for a service with no guarantee that it will assist you in promoting your website. SEO consulting will ensure that you are equipped with all the right knowledge you need to know before entering so that you can be successful. Of course, you have to pay for the service, but the benefits that come from SEO consulting definitely outweigh the alternative.

SEO consulting all in all is definitely a step that is worth taking before going on to search engine optimization. It is important that you receive all the necessary information you need in order to be successful and have a competitive edge. It is a very competitive market out there and if you want to promote your website further it only seems natural to turn to someone who has had not on experience but success also. Learning from those who have been successful can help you achieve your success.