Who is an Insurance Agent? How do I Become an Insurance Agent?

Insurance as we know is a security to protect us in a difficult or unforeseen situation. There are many types of insurance that one can avail,

• Life insurance
• Auto insurance
• Property insurance
• Travel insurance

There are many subtypes and a lot of companies offer customized products too.

Who is an Insurance agent?

An Insurance agent works or represents an insurance company and is a point of contact for individuals looking for insurance. They explain various types of insurance products and help the buyer pick the one that is best for them. They also do the documentation part and support as a POC for policyholders during the term of the policy.

What does an Insurance agent do?

• Helps people make informed decisions about insurance
• Helps customers through the claim process
• Looks at customer’s current coverages
• Help customers review their policies
• Explains each type of coverage in depth and give examples of how it may help

India being a really competitive and price sensitive market, some people would say that they want the cheapest insurance, and the agent will likely ask them, ‘’Think about what would happen if you had to make a claim? Would you want the policy with the best price or best benefits?” This usually tells them that the agent has their best interests in heart, because when the customer needs to make a claim, the agents can help begin that process.

The great thing about Insurance agents is having the opportunity to help someone who’s going through a tough time; to turn someone’s day around.

Difference between Agent and Broker?

The agent directly works on behalf of or represents an insurance company. The Broker works on behalf of or represents and insurance buyer (you)

There are 2 types of agents,

Captive Agent – These agents work on behalf or represent a single insurance company
Independent Agent – These agents work on behalf or represent multiple insurance companies

How to become an Insurance Agent?

Being an Insurance agent can be a really rewarding career choice. Once you have decided to become an insurance agent, you need to register with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India or IRDAI. One needs to fill the required forms, uploaded and pay. Post registration, the exam date and timing are conveyed to the applicant.

IRDAI even provides study materials to candidates in various languages to make it easier for them.

What are the benefits of becoming an insurance agent?

• Start Earning at the Age of 18
• Be Your Own Boss
• Creates a Stable Income and Control the Growth
• Flexible Work Timings
• Zero Investment Required

Being an insurance agent can be really productive and anyone can do it. Retired people to homemakers can have a great source of Incomes, besides the eligibility criteria is minimal (10th Pass) so what are you waiting for? Become an Insurance agent today!

Upstox vs Zerodha vs 5paisa: Head to Head Comparison

Upstox, Zerodha, and 5paisa are the top ones in India when it comes to discount brokers. Additionally, all three of them charge a flat brokerage on the intraday trading. Products and services offered by them are almost similar. Let’s first know each of the stockbrokers in brief detail.

Upstox has over 12.20 lakh clients in India according to data compiled by NSE. Moreover, it is one of the best stock brokers that has many amazing deals. It is suitable for all types of investors and traders. It helps investors for trading at a very low-cost commission. Additionally, it was started in the year 2011 and it is this successful in just a small period.

Zerodha is India’s top no.1 stockbroker that has 24.70 lakh clients according to data by NSE. It was started in the year 2010 and like Upstox is suitable for all types of investors and traders. Moreover, it is the leading stockbroker with low commissions. It is known for its margin rates, customer care support, commissions schedule, and trading platforms.

Zerodha was awarded “the best retail brokerage” in the year 2018 by NSE. Additionally, it provides many services in almost all segments like F&O, Mutual funds, equity, currency, etc. Zerodha mostly focuses on the execution of trades and the platform provided has international standards.

5paisa was founded in the year 2005. Additionally, like its competitors, 5paisa gives a simple trading structure that has a flat fee. 5paisa was awarded ‘Best Digital Startup of the Year’. It offers services and tools to their active traders. These tools and services include a mobile application, desktop, and web-based tools for trading. The advantage of using 5paisa is that they provide educational content like infographics and videos to its customers.

Loan on Aadhaar card – Buddy Loan for All!

Aadhaar is one of the mandatory documents to submit, while applying for a personal loan. Not only does it help in loan approvals but also as a better Proof of Identity. It is an all-purpose card to confirm that you’re the citizen of India. For loan aggregators with 80% approval rate, Aadhaar card is a key proof for sanctioning loans.

Buddy Loan is reputed in the industry, for higher beneficiaries. Personal loan approvals are easy if your documents are set and are handy. For any loan approval, they require minimal documents.

There are flexible loan repayment options on comprehensive tenures at Buddy Loan. It is easier for borrowers to access loans for commercial and personal purposes.

Buddy Loan & Minimal Documentation

All business loans & personal loans need mandatory linking of Aadhaar card & transactional account details. Buddy Loan requires your Aadhaar card and PAN card details for checking your eligibility criteria. It can help you avail loans at competitive interest rates & in other comprehensive financial solutions.

All banks, NBFCs, financial firms require KYC documents and that’s why, Aadhaar card serves as a better proof of identity. In the past 2 year, India’s financial services are easier to avail without middlemen. Thanks to Aadhaar card, it has transformed financial services for people from different walks of life.

Besides opting for a loan, borrowers can apply for a new job opening, play games & make money. Shop online with Buddy Loan’s unique offers. Download the latest app and enjoy the innumerable benefits.

Personal Loan with Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar card can serve as an identity proof for both short term & long-term loans. The borrower can avail large or small amount with Aadhaar as the base identity document. Note that the turnaround time after submitting the loan application is usually less than 15 mins.

The borrower can avail a personal loan for personal or commercial reasons. At Buddy Loan dispenses personal loans at lower interest rates starting at 11.99% pa. It would also depend on lenders. Each lender has different set of rules subject to personal loan approval.

The loan tenure varies between 1 to 5 years. The key benefit of Aadhaar here is, it serves as age proof, identity proof, photo identity proof, and address proof. Availing a quick loan with Aadhaar is now easy.


Check your eligibility criteria and get your credit history report before availing a loan. There are multiple lenders at Buddy Loan to help you find a better fit for any financial shortcoming. There are instant approvals on emergency loans too.

How a Social Media Marketing Consultant Can Change the Face of Your Accountancy Practice?

Social Media (SM) in Our Life

This media has slowly and gradually merged into our day-to-day lives without us being even aware of it. The only thing is that many of us take it all for granted and as a part of our daily routine. Quite naturally, business owners and strategists would want a share of this “socializing pie” to promote themselves and their products and services, and hence market their brand. This is the invasion of SM marketing in our online life and interestingly, no one is complaining! That explains the phenomenal growth of the aforesaid importance of this form of marketing today.

Social Media (SM) Marketing Consultant

Internet businesses are witnessing a growth which was never predicted or even anticipated. Obviously, the amount of work to be done has shot up over the time and it continues to tower above. As a result of this growth, the role and importance of a SM Marketing Consultant has been realised.

In other words, the consultant is a person or even a group of individuals who specialise in SM marketing and will go all out to serve their client. Understandably, your work gets reduced and you can then concentrate on growing your business – rather than getting yourself occupied with SM marketing.

True, you have to be knowledgeable about SM to survive the competition in the market, but you cannot afford to while away your time learning the intricacies of social media marketing unless of course, your work is the same!

Having a SM Marketing Consultant is like having an invisible helping hand that becomes you and maintains your online profile rather than you doing that.

To others, the business appears to be a multi-talented individual who can “play with them” as well as continue to do business! That is really a booster for your business.

For a small amount of money invested on using the SM Marketing Consultant’s services, the advantage gained is immense. And you can continue doing what YOU do best – running and growing your Accountancy.

The rising sales figures and cash registers ringing with profit are a clear indicator of the hiring a SM Marketing Consultant for your business. Instead of letting narrowing time consume you, take control of time in your hands and surge ahead in the social media marketing race.

Let the Social Media Marketing Consultant do the hard and time-consuming work, while you sit back and reap the profits of your investment!

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